The 2008 Judge Family Christmas Wish List
and Comments Page!
Sunday, December 21, 2008, 8:17 AM
Welcome to the 2008 edition of the Judge Family Christmas Web page, now online for eleven consecutive years.  I realize we've gotten off to a late start this year but Uncle Rich and Joanna have graciously volunteered to rig...uh...draw the names for the family grab bag gift exchange.  The family has decided to continue our tradition as usual, perhaps as Grandma Judge would prefer.  We would like to welcome Tom and Diane to the gift exchange.   Because of the late start, please try to get your lists in as soon as possible.  You can send them to
  harvey family  
  pat   al  aka  a1  
  Lands End stretch fleece turtle neck... p.small cobalt, teal, or ivory   Gift card from a sporting goods store (Dick's, Modells, Sports Authority, etc.)   
  Cotton cable crew sweaters....small or medium if fitted   [CD]  Any by Brad Paisley  
  Thick warm black sox .. not boot sox   [CD]  Any by George Strait  
  Lands End heavenly fleece gloves     [CD]  Any by Charlie Daniels  
  Lands End chalet shoes size 81/2   Any other gift cards  
  Herb Alpert Christmas is pretty old but supposedly reissued   Bathrobe  
  Old Navy fleece tops...smalll or medium       
  james       joan      
  Wrangler Jeans- regular cut, med blue 36w x 30L. Can be found at Walmart and Target   Gift Cards to Target, World Market, Kohls, and JoAnn Fabrics  
  XXL Rugby and or Henley shirts   4 Cup liquid measuring cup  
  XXL Fire/Rescue t-shirts   Kitchen Towels- reds, greens or oranges  
  Black or Navy boot (thick) socks   Ceramic Mixing Bowl(s)  Any size, simple designs, shape and colors  
  matthew   thomas   emily    
  Cigars gift cards American Girl gift cards  
  Subscription to "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists." gift cards Math workbooks 3rd and 4th grade  
  Gift certificates to gift cards  Target gift cards  
  "Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race" by  Richard Rhodes USMC,USAF,or US Air Cavalry T-Shirts(Large) Books- "September Surprises"  Main Street Series By Ann M. Martin  
  Ammunition: 7.62x51mm , 5.56x45mm , 9x19mm (FMJ, JHP, FPD) gift cards    
  (note: please NO steel cased or Russian/Soviet made Ammunition) [BOOK] Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin 1936 by Jeffery Deaver    
  MagPul 30rnd PMAG  [DVD] Gallipoli(w/Mel Gibson)    
  Gift certificates to [DVD] Four Brothers    
    [DVD] Downfall    
    [DVD] Tropic Thunder    
    [BOOK] WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam War Novels (Narrative and POV Style)    
  scott       kim    
  Wrangler jeans 36 x 32   iTunes gift card  
  Borders or any book store gift card   Ann Taylor gift card  
  iTunes gift card
Shirts extra large (polo style works good)
  Anything for a home office (I'm renovating a room in our house now for a home office - safari style; blacks, browns and cream colors).  
  peyton   rachel    
  American Girl gift certificates   American Girl gift certificates  
  Justice gift certificates (store here in VA)   Fashion Puppies  
  iTunes gift card   Littlest Pet Shop  
  Regal Cinema gift card   dress up clothes  
      color books  
  north side judges  
  tom     diane      
  Shirts--XL   Donation to the Heifer Project  
  Donation to Friends of the Chicago River   Donation to Doctors Without Borders  
  Donation to Mt. Carmel HS   Donation to Unicef  
  Sweatshirts or Long-sleeve t-shirts, XL (Carmel, Bears, White Sox, canoeing, etc.)   Any donations of socks or gloves for my patients (mostly men, some women)  
  Honker's Ale      
  Baseball hats with RR logos (the more obscure, the better)      
  kruswicki family  
  kathy   dave  
  Navy blue leather gloves, size large   J Pinot Noir or Clos Dubois Pinot Noir  
  karen       paul      
  Pajamas (lightweight) size medium   New commuter mug for coffee  
  Hand lotion (almond oil daily hand and nail cream from Body Shop)
  LLBean small toiletry bag (they call it personal organizer) - black  
  Black yoga pants or capris (size medium)   New golf or Marquette baseball hat  
  Nice set of work gloves for around the yard  
      Under Armour golf shirt (similar to the MC one I have)  
      Golf glove (Large size)  
      Socks for work - solid color, black, gray, navy blue  
      Franciscan Napa Cabernet  
  timmy   joey   molly    
  Lacrosse shirts or hats Bakugan stuff Polly Pockets  
  Borders gift certificate Star Wars Legos Career Barbie  
  Sports Authority gift cards Nerf guns Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly  
Clothes (size 5)  
    Borders gift card Singing Hannah Montana doll  
      High School Musical 3 soundtrack CD  
      Webkinz Penguin  
      Tinkerbell Sweathshirt  
  kevin       jessica      
  Callaway golf balls   TJ Max gift card  
  Titleist golf balls   Target Gift Card  
  [DVD] The Bourne Identity   Macy's Gift card  
  [BOOK] The Bourne Legacy Book   Photo Coasters from Khols  
  Dick's Sporting goods Gift Card   Cast Jewel White photo frame from Target, 5x7 or 4x6  
  Sports Authority Gift Card      
  john       casey      
  Cotton button down shirts for work (small plaids are OK).  XL   Bath and Body Works lotion (not cream). Midnight Pomegranate,  Cherry Blossom, Sweat Pea.  
  Solid crew neck sweater. XL   Lightweight PJ's . XL  
  itunes gift card.   Slippers (ballet style) size 8-9.  
  Size 18-24 months.      
  Any kind of doll stuff.      
  Elmo stuff.      
  schnolis family  
  Black winter neck scarf (thinner material, not thick)  
  Starbucks coffee travel mug (Green if possible, but anything to keep my coffee warm!!)  
  Black driving gloves  
  Dressy sweatshirts size XL  
  2009 Road Atlas  
  Black Amethyst Spray cologne from Bath and Body Works (Also creamy body wash in same scent)  
  Red shower gel  
  Gold Toe white socks  
  Pink kitchen scissors  (Kitchen aid makes them)  
  mike       lynn      
  Anything from Griots Garage   Iced tea pot  
  Gift cards from   Any of your favorite bath oil or bubble bath  
  Starbucks Christmas Blend   Keurig tea cups Especially English or Irish Breakfast  
  Golf Balls Titleist NXT tour   Magnum PI boxed sets. I only have Season 1  
  White Sox stuff or clothes size Large   A red ferrari, any year :)  
  The whole family would like Mario Kart for the Wii   Pandora bracelet charms (especially blue glass and/or silver)  
      iTunes gift cards  
      Williams Sonoma anything  
  elizabeth   grant   emma    
  A Nutcracker, hers broke Sox or Cubs stuff size 4T Anything horses  
  Window clings for her scooter
(dollar store)
Anything, he is a true boy in an all-girls hot  pink playroom Very fashionable, likes trendy clothes.
Wears size 8-10
  Likes Twilight and Edward the vampire from the movie
(has read the books)
Also loves trains including Thomas the Tank Engine wood or metal and accessories Says "Scarves are the hottest in fashion" so let's say scarves (recently seen in Limited Too catalog)  
  Club Penguin gift cards (Best Buy has them, not sure where else) John Deere and any trucks/ machinery and of course airplanes! Wears size 3 shoes and Loves boots  
  Art stuff and Michael's gift cards Loves "Cars" & "Toy Story" movies Toe socks  
  New Super Mario Brothers Nintendo DS game Likes Mickey Mouse Needs a light weight robe  
  Tech Deck (mini skate board) Likes Handy Manny and tools Tech Deck (mini skate board)  
  Gift cards White Sox crocs kids size 9/10 or any other , HE LOVES CROCS- fat foot Gift cards anywhere  
Long board (long skate board)  
  Best Buy gift cards  
  Circuit City gift cards  
  J. C. Penney gift cards  
  duke       linda      
  New Balance shoes 13EEEE   Contributions towards my $300 running shoes orthotics  
  Gift cards to Landmark Theatres    Layering long sleeve shirts from Old Navy  
  George Winston Piano Solos - Piano Solo Personality Songbook available at   Gift certificate to Oxsun Natural Hair Care Salon and Day Spa (215-893-9133).  
  A simple web cam for the computer      
  amaya   zoey    
  Clothes,  size 3T   Clothes,  size 2T  
  Play smocks for girls   Play smocks for girls  
  Fat Crayons   Fat Crayons  
  Finger Paints for 2 year olds   Finger Paints for 2 year olds  
  Any age appropriate books   Any age appropriate books  
  Coloring books are always fun, especially ones with very large pages   Some kind of tool toys...zoey's always asking to fix things with a screwdriver.  
  Puzzles   Puzzles  
  Fisher-Price Little People school bus   Fisher-Price Little People toys  
  Monetary donations to college fund   Monetary donations to college fund  
  Thermal undershirts/undergarments, size 3T   Thermal undershirts/undergarments, size 2T  
  The Mala series giant roll of paper from Ikea (for the Mala easel)   The Mala series giant roll of paper from Ikea (for the Mala easel)  
  Coloring books and markers that only color in the coloring book   Coloring books and markers that only color in the coloring book  
  danny       katie    
  Streamlight model #76501 PolyStinger black flashlight with AC charger.    [BOOK] "The Gospel According to the Simpsons, Bigger and Possibly Even Better!" by Mark I. Pinsky  
  Digital remote meat thermometer.   Tea & Honey Yankee Candle  
  Some kind of warm house slippers for size 13 feet.   Any brand Clean Linen (or something similar) Candle  
  Wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer  & weather thing   Victoria's Secret Eau de Parfum Gift Box  
   [CD] "Dig Me a Ditch: Spirit of the Illinois and Michigan Canal" by Gallimaufry   [BOOK] "The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace" by Howard Zinn  
  Plain and pocket-free t-shirts 3XT or 4XT only.     Target gift card  
  [BOOK] "When Capone's Mob Murdered Roger Touhy"  Used is just fine.   [BOOK] "Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings" by Marcus Borg  
  [Book] "Never put ketchup on a hot dog"   Carnival Games for the Wii  
  Subscription to "Before and After" magazine (   Barnes & Noble gift card  
  Any other books on Chicago.  Feel free to ask which ones I have already.   Pier 1 gift card  
  [BOOK] "The Encyclopedia of Chicago" by J. Grossman, Keating and Reiff. Hardbound and used is fine with me.   A word-of-the-day desk calendar.  Any one will do, but I'm gonna use it at work, so no "naughty" calendars.  :)  
  White Gold Toe brand Big & Tall crew socks for someone who wears size 13 shoes.   [DVD]  "For Roseanna"

  hunter family  
  betty     dave      
  Dramatically Different Moisturizer-yellow by Clinique   Cabelas gift card  
  Liquid facial soap by Clinique   Bass Pro gift card  
  Irish photo calendar   Dicks Sporting Goods gift card  
      Home Depot gift card  
      Menards gift card  
      Lowes gift card  
      Carhartt T-shirt XXL  
      Carhartt Jeans 44X29 or 30  
      Scarf, longer style, black or red  
  Flannel pj pants, fun patterns of critters (if possible),  xxl  
  House slippers with plastic bottoms, any color/style, size 9-10  
  Any bookstore gift card (usually shop at Borders or Barnes & Noble)  
  Throw blanket, any color/material/size  
  Donation to the Civil War Preservation Trust at  
  [BOOK] Torchwood: Almost Perfect by James Gross  
  [BOOK] Torchwood: Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides  
  [BOOK] Torchwood: SkyPoint by Phil Ford  
  [BOOK] Doctor Who: The Ghosts of India by Mark Morris  
  [BOOK] Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap by Simon Messingham  
  [BOOK] Doctor Who: Shining Darkness by Mark Michalowski  
  [BOOK] Doctor Who: The Time Traveller's Almanac by Steve Tribe  
  [DVD] Pushing Daisies Season 1  
  [DVD] Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest  
  All selections available at  
  katy       adam      
  Vinyl record albums available at   Craftsman Professional Series Mechanics Gloves. XL  
  * "Illinoise" by Sufjan Stevens   Itunes gift card  
  * "The Band" by The Band   Sears gift card  
  * "S & M LIVE with the San Francisco Orchestra" by Metallica   Home Depot gift card  
  * "Who's Next" by The Who      
  * "American Beauty" by The Grateful Dead      
  Any used Vinyl that you would think I would like      
  Silver necklace/chain (to put a pendant on)      
  south suburban judges  
  rich   gloria  
  White Sox Flannel Pants   Flannel nightgown - L or XL  
  White Sox b&w game cap
  Blouse for work - XL  
  Any Sox stuff   Remote control meat thermometer  
  [BOOK] Ireland: History, People, Culture by Paul Brewer   Med weight cotton/pima cotton turtle neck - Dark brown, black, purple - Lg  
  [BOOK] Unknown Soldiers: Reliving World War II in Europe by Joseph E. Garland   Charger caddy w/power strip - Black or dark wood (on sale everywhere)  
  [BOOK] Holliday in Tombstone by S.M. Ballard      
  [DVD] Open Range      
  [DVD] The Bourne Ultimatum or The Bourne Identity or The Bourne Supremacy or The Bourne that Comes Next or The Bourne Old Man or Jason Bourne Plays He Said She Said or...never mind.      
  [BOOK] From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris    
  [DVD] Pushing Daisies Season 1    
  [DVD] A Christmas Story- 25th anniversary edition in the cookie tin  
  [DVD] Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog    
  Nice tops for work- L-XL    
  Calendar: The Office or Doctor Who  
  Posters: Dark Knight, Doctor Who, London, Ireland    
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  Pat:  This is not Christmas related, but did anyone ever think to see the president-elect wearing a Sox hat?  
  Tom:  The reason the president-elect is wearing a White Sox hat is simple. When he put on a Cubs hat, the Secret Service men came running because they thought it was the international sign for "I am choking."  
  Danny:  I still have yet to play He Said, She Said.  Will we be playing on Christmas Eve?  
  Carol:  Don't the Hunters want any Christmas presents?  
  Duke:  Why does Lizzy want a gift card to

  Carol:  HELLO!  Is anyone out there?!?!??